One of the oldest private clubs in South Africa

The Seven Seas Club is home today to both Naval and Civilian members sharing a common interest and passion for maritime issues. The Club was originally formed by officers of the South African Navy as a private club providing facilities for reading, recreation, refreshment and companionship in a relaxed atmosphere for serving and retired officers and their guests. The Current Club opened in 1959 on a site with magnificent views over Simon’s Bay and the East Dockyard.

The view from the Club bar has changed somewhat over the years but is still one of ships and boats and is still a view to be envied by many other clubs throughout the World. The club contains memorabilia, mainly in the form of photographs and badges of naval ships, many of which were inherited from the Naval Officers’ Club vacated by the Royal Navy in 1956.

It was of this Club that Rudyard Kipling wrote:

“In this Club, as the Captains come and go,

you will hear the gossip of all the Seven Seas.”